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Diablo III Necromancer Cinematic Shows Creepy Yet Noble Character

Last year, Blizzard announced that a new Diablo III character, the Necromancer, would be coming to the game. Now, the Diablo III Necromancer cinematic has been released, showing off this character’s motivations as they come to Tristram to investigate the comet that fell from the sky and kicks off the story.

From what we can tell from the backstory given in the Diablo III Necromancer cinematic, your character is a member of a necromantic cult, which strives to maintain the “balance” of life and death. With all of the zombies invading Tristram due to the comet, your character is sent to discover why, and return the zombies to their resting place.

Of course, as anyone that’s played Diablo III knows, there’s a lot more to the situation than just a sudden horde of zombies rising from their graves. But, it gives us a good opportunity to test out how the Necromancer class actually works.

Fitting with their name, the Necromancer will be making corpses and magic their primary weapons, compensating for their squishiness with sheer numbers of zombies, skeletons, and a ton of other various necromantic minions.

However, the Necromancer isn’t the only thing that will be coming with the “Rise of the Necromancer” update for the game. Players will also be able to expect some new cosmetics, some new stash tabs, and two new character slots. Like the other classes, the Necromancer will be playable both in a male and female version.

While Blizzard doesn’t appear to have a concrete date for when Rise of the Necromancer comes out, they have released the Diablo III Necromancer cinematic for anyone to watch online, so if you want to watch it and think you’ll enjoy the Necromancer class when it comes out, you can take a look at the video for yourself further up the article.