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Zombie Gunship Survival Metal and Supplies Farming Guide – How to Get Metal and Supplies Easily

Zombie Gunship Survival Metal and Supplies Farming Guide will help you with collecting Metal and Supplies easily as they are an important part of the game. Metal and Supplies are required in order to upgrade the base and this guide will detail the different methods that will grant you Metal and Supplies.

In Zombie Gunship Survival players will have to build a base for survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overtaken the world and also controlling a gunship to get rid of these zombies that have infested the earth.

Zombie Gunship Survival Metal and Supplies Farming Guide

Metal and Supplies and an essential part of Zombie Gunship Survival as these are required to upgrade the base. Finding these items can be tricky and this guide will detail the tricks and methods that will help you gather Metal and Supplies. There are a number of ways to gather Metal and Supplies and this guide will detail them all.

Complete Missions
Completing missions in of the ways to gather Mattel and Supplies and it is something that you will find yourself doing quite a bit if you put any amount of time into Zombie Gunship Survival.

Try to loot every building that you can during missions as this will increase the amount of loot. Each mission you complete will grant you experience, Metal, and Supplies, so make sure you complete missions.

Defending Base
Your base will come under attack every few hours, so upgrade the base’s defenses. once your defenses have been updated, tap on the Defend Base icon on your game screen and start up your defense. If you are successful in defending your base and did not let zombies destroy the headquarters then you be granted a hefty amount of Metal, Supplies, and experience.

Objective Completion
Like completing missions, completing objectives is another great way to obtain more Metal and Supplies and there is no shortage of objectives in the game. There are basically two types of objectives that you will have to complete while playing Zombie Gunship Survival.

Firstly, there are regular missions which reward you for reaching certain points in the game. These objectives reward you for upgrading base to certain levels and even killing a certain number of zombies.

The second type of objectives are Daily Objectives which reset every day and allows you to acquire an endless amount of Metal and Supplies.

That is all for Zombie Gunship Survival Metal and Supplies Farming Guide with tips on different methods to earn Metal and Supplies.