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Zombie Gunship Survival Guide – How to Fuse Weapons and Upgrade Weapons

Zombie Gunship Survival Guide will help yu with upgrading and fuse your weapons so that you may be prepared at all times to kill zombies. Upgrading and fusing is an essential part of the Zombie Gunship Survival game as this will determine the chances of your success.

In Zombie Gunship Survival players will have to build a base for survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overtaken the world and also controlling a gunship to get rid of these zombies that have infested the earth.

Zombie Gunship Survival Guide

In order to take down endless zombie hordes in Zombie Gunship Survival players will need to fuse and upgrade their weapons both for soldiers and for the Gunship, even the soldiers require upgrading and swapping but, this guide will help you with fusing and upgrading player’s weapons.

All of the weapon upgrade and modification can be done in the Hangar Workshop and to access it players will have to return to the base and locate hangar. Select the Hangar and then click the Workshop icon at the bottom of the screen. It will display all of the player’s weapons that are available to equip for the gunship and soldiers.

Weapons Upgrade
Upgrading the weapons in Zombie Gunship Survival is a simple process. Select the weapon that you want to upgrade and it will open up in a new screen and here you will see various stats associated with the weapon. There will be three options for players to choose but, to upgrade they only need to select “Boost” option. Selecting boost will allow players to choose the level of upgrades that they want to give to the selected weapon. Upgrading weapons costs resources, so before upgrading grind for some resources.

How To Fuse Weapons
Once a particular weapon has been completely upgraded to the max level, players will be able to fuse the weapon with other weapons of the same star rating to gain additional stars and improve its traits. If you see a Gatling gun icon over the hangar then you have a max upgraded weapon ready to be fused. Epic and Legendary weapons have the best traits to begin with so focus on upgrading them first.

That is all for our Zombie Gunship Survival Guide with tips on how to Fuse Weapons and Upgrade Weapons