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Pirates Claim To Have Rime DRM Cracked, Say It Removes Stuttering Issues

A while ago, following the release of the puzzle and adventure game Rime, developer Tequila Works said that if hackers got the Rime DRM cracked, that they would remove the Denuvo software from the game entirely. Now, it appears that they’ll have to own up, because the Denuvo has been cracked.

Rime is a puzzle and adventure game that takes place on a deserted island. You play a young boy who must find a way off the island while uncovering the secrets it holds. Denuvo is a software that’s used by many developers these days to combat piracy, and many pirates apparently say that it’s working, requiring a lot more work than is practical to break.

However, Rime only came out last week on May 26, and if its Denuvo has already been broken it was either poorly implemented or these were a very skilled group of hackers.

However, the fact that hackers got the Rime DRM cracked can also be seen as a cause to celebrate; apparently the Denuvo was part of the reason for some of the game’s technical issues, mainly the stuttering that plagued many gamers. If it really is the Denuvo, Tequila Works removing it will hopefully make the game run better.

Aside from the technical issues like the stuttering, Rime has apparently gotten fairly positive reviews from critics for its visuals and music, though it gained some criticism for a number of frustrating puzzles, a lack of guidance on the player, and (in the eyes of some) being a nearly perfect copy of The Last Guardian.

If those sorts of criticisms aren’t a deal breaker for you then feel free to get Rime on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, or if you have a Nintendo Switch you can get it on that when that port comes out. For now, we might actually end up thanking the people that got the Rime DRM cracked.