Iron Galaxy Announce Its New IP; A Western Reimagining of Attack on Titan, Extinction

The developer behind Killer Instinct has announced a new game called Extinction. Iron Galaxy is going multiplatform and will release its new game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The developer also released a cinematic trailer to give us an idea of what the game is about.

In a nutshell, Extinction feels like a Western reimagining for Attack on Titan. Players will face 150-foot-tall ogres and the armies that trail in their wake to protect humanity. You are part of an ancient order and judging by the trailer it looks like the lead character is the only one left.

It is a single player experience where the player will follow a deep story revolving around protecting humanity. During the story missions, you will need to save as many cities as possible. There are side activities included as well and gameplay features skill-based combat.

In Extinction, you’ll fight massive ogres and their minions across a sprawling countryside, defending cities and rescuing native villagers torn from their homes. Swiftly define your strategy as hordes attack from the ground and air. Use the dynamic skill-based combat system to tactically disarm and dismember enemies before going in for the kill.

The game will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. Developers will be sharing more about the game in the near future. Multiplayer is a question mark at this point but early details have no mention of it. There may be a mode added later or maybe there is one but devs aren’t discussing it for the time being.

Check out the trailer for Iron Galaxy’s new game above.