PayDay Veterans “10 Chambers” Present GTFO Video Game, A Horror-Shooter

Veteran former PayDay developers that formed the studio 10 Chambers Collective have presented their new GTFO video game, a horror shooter that apparently takes place deep underground. Anywhere from two to four players will have to work together and survive in order to Get The Fuck Out of wherever they are.

“Get the fuck out” is what “GTFO” stands for. While it’s normally used to ask (or demand) that a person leave the thread, in this case, it’s definitely something with a more sinister undertone. The trailer that 10 Chambers revealed doesn’t really have much in the way of details, however, it does seem fairly ominous.

The game appears to be taking place deep underground in either some sort of abandoned mine or ruined cavern. Aside from various flashing lights and creepy atmosphere, we also see what appears to be some sort of out-of-control elevator, which may be what conveys the players into the game area.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the GTFO video game at E3 so that 10 Chambers can actually give us more details and maybe even some gameplay, though we don’t really have any sort of release date aside from it being sometime before the end of 2017.

10 Chambers has said that while players that play their GTFO video game can take on its various challenges alone, they recommend that you do it in teams in order to get the best experience while overcoming the game’s various challenges and threats.

Hopefully, since the game has been announced so close to E3, 10 Chambers will have gameplay to show us whether in an indie capacity or just somewhere on the show floor, if 10 Chambers decides to bring anything.

So, if something like GTFO interests you, you should be on the lookout for it when it comes out (hopefully) sometime this year on whatever platform 10 Chambers chooses.