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AMD 4K Prey Demo Was Running Above 60 FPS Not “About 60 FPS” According To AMD’s Raja Koduri

The AMD 4K Prey demo at Computex was a bit confusing. We were expecting to see the launch of Vega but that was not what we got. Instead, we got a demo that showed us Prey running at 4K and there was a lot of screen tearing. There were no numbers so people took to Twitter to ask Raja Koduri what was going on and he explained that AMD 4K Prey Demo at running at about 60 FPS.

We know that the AMD 4K Prey demo was using a pair of AMD Vega GPUs, if you think about it, a pair of Vega GPUs running a game at 4K at about 60 FPS doesn’t sound all that great does it? It was a typo and Twitter is to blame for this issue. It is 2017 and you cannot edit your Tweet. It was later made clear that the AMD 4K Prey demo was running above 60 FPS and not at about 60 FPS.

It has also been cleared that the game had tearing because it has not been properly optimized for Vega yet and all this should be made right when the GPU comes out. From what we have seen, it is more than likely that the AMD Vega GPU used in this demo is more powerful than the GTX 1080 but less powerful as compared to the GTX 1080 Ti.

AMD 4K Prey Demo

Although it was disappointing that we did not get to see AMD Vega it has been confirmed that the GPU will be announced at SIGGRAPH, late July. People will have to wait a while longer but at least we now have a fixed date, provided that it is not delayed for some reason.

Let us know what you thought about the AMD 4K Prey demo at Computex and whether or not the upcoming AMD Vega GPUs are something that you are interested in.