Wild West Online Gameplay Timer Will Tackle Combat Logging: 612 Games

Wild West Online gameplay will run a timer in the background that will help deal with combat logging. Combat logging is expected to be an issue in Wild West Online, as it is in most PvP games these days.

Combat logging is an act of disconnecting from the game in the middle combat. Players often use it to escape tough situations and get away without losing their items and dying. All it takes is alt+F4 or just pulling out the LAN cable from your gaming machine.

Wild West Online gameplay has a 10-second timer which means even if someone disconnects, their character won’t disappear from the game immediately. Once someone disconnects from the client for whatever reason, combat logging being one of them, their character will take 10-seconds to disappear. During this time, the opponent will have the opportunity to kill the enemy.

If a player closes their client, his character stays in the game for 10 seconds, so other players can still damage and even kill them if they sign out.

There will also be community run servers where players will have control over different options.

We have still not decided on the exact options, but this is something we want to decide while having an open discussion with our players.

The developers are also paying special attention to weapon ballistics and how they will impact the game. Wild West Online is releasing later this year and developers will host an alpha this Summer on PC. There are no plans for a console version for the time being.

We will have more for you on Wild West Online soon, do let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.