Tom Holland Talks About His Picks For Fellow Uncharted Cast Members

Tom Holland, who is currently known as the most recent version of Peter Parker in Spider Man: Homecoming, has also been selected to play Nathan Drake in the official Uncharted film, whenever that comes out. However, he also talked about other actors he would want to play other characters.

Considering Uncharted is one of the biggest games on the Playstation, even though it’s now ended, an Uncharted movie will hopefully do the game justice and not end up like the Ratchet and Clank and Warcraft movies, which despite getting good box office returns got critically thrashed.

Tom Holland suggested a number of other actors to play various younger versions of beloved Uncharted characters. For instance, he chose Chris Pratt as Victor Sullivan, with Jake Gyllenhaal as another option. Holland says that he had previously spoken with Shawn Levy, the movie’s director, about possibly doing an origin story rather than simply re-telling the story of the games.

This was a facet of Nathan Drake’s history that we only caught glimpses of in Uncharted 4, such as his interactions with his brother Sam Drake and his history of growing up in an orphanage before he decided to become a treasure hunter.

If the Uncharted film actually is more of an origin story, rather than a half-assed retelling of the first game, there might actually be a chance for success here, especially if the studio cooperates with Naughty Dog on how Nathan became who he is today.

Tom Holland also had opinions on who would play Nathan in the event that they were going with an older Nathan Drake. Once again, he chose Chris Pratt. Considering Pratt’s recent spate of portraying smart-mouthed adventurers in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, it’s a good pick. However, until the movie is actually almost ready to come out, we’ll just have to see who’s cast in what role.