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Overwatch PTR Updated With New Horizon Lunar Colony Map

Following a slight teaser yesterday, the new Horizon Lunar Colony map for Overwatch has been released on the Public Test Region (PTR) for early access.

As the lore dictates, the moon-base was established by Lucheng Interstellar for the sole purpose of space exploration. A team of scientists took with them a group of genetically enhanced gorillas in order to test the effects of prolonged habitation in space. However, the experiments did not last long. The gorillas launched an uprising, killing all the scientists and claiming the lunar-base for their own.

It is also the birthplace of Winston, who went missing during the attack along with another “smaller” specimen named Hammond. It is speculated that he might be the next hero inbound for Overwatch. Last week, game director Jeff Kaplan stated that “there’s some really cool hero news just on the horizon.” Apparently he was referring to the Horizon Lunar Colony.

In the meantime, communications with the lost lunar colony have been reestablished once again. The Overwatch team has been tasked with the duty of taking the station back and discovering the fate of the scientists.

Blizzard reportedly has two more maps that it will release in the future. Horizon Lunar Colony arrives on the backs of Castillo, Black Forest, and Necropolis.

The developer has not mentioned any release date for the upcoming new map. It is safe to say that Horizon Lunar Colony will not hit live servers until Overwatch is done with its anniversary celebrations. The map is likely to remain in the PTR until June 12.