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Overwatch Gets Gravity Modifiers for All Maps

Blizzard is delivering on a popular request from the community by adding the ability to tweak gravity options in Overwatch.

Over a month ago, game director Jeff Kaplan agreed that the idea of a low-gravity map “sounds like fun.” What better way to implement it by releasing the option for all maps and not just one.

The Public Test Region (PTR) was updated last night to feature “player gravity and projectile gravity” modifiers to custom games. In addition, the jump-height and knock-back magnitude can be adjusted for all weapons and abilities across all maps.

The upcoming new Horizon Lunar Colony map will also have a low-gravity feature. A prescribed portion of the map will have air-locked doors that enable players access to low-gravity flanking routes. The developer warns, though, that the experience is not normal and players must get used to swimming in air if they want to surprise the opposition by suddenly appear behind their lines.

As the name suggests, the Horizon Lunar Colony map is a scientific research station built on the moon. Considering the theme, it was only logical for Blizzard to include a low-gravity corridor.

The moon-base is also the birthplace of Winston, who went missing during the uprising along with another “smaller” specimen named Hammond. It is speculated that he might be the next hero inbound for Overwatch. Last week, game director Jeff Kaplan stated that “there’s some really cool hero news just on the horizon.” Apparently he was referring to the Horizon Lunar Colony.

The developer has not mentioned any release date for the upcoming new map. It is safe to say that Horizon Lunar Colony will not hit live servers until Overwatch is done with its anniversary celebrations. The map is likely to remain in the PTR until June 12.