Nintendo Switch Drop Video Might Have Dropped Pad From 1,000 Feet

A Nintendo Switch drop video has recently been released on YouTube, showing what its maker claims to be a Nintendo Switch pad being dropped from a thousand feet in the air…and surviving. While we don’t necessarily recommend that you try this yourself, you can form your own opinions about its validity.

The way that the YouTuber in question (UnlockRiver) did it was to literally tape the Nintendo Switch gamepad to a drone, then fly it up to a thousand feet in the air before dropping it form the drone with the flick of a Switch. From there, the Switch fell a thousand feet onto a concrete’s pavement, with one JoyCon (the left one) bouncing off.

Surprisingly, the Switch gamepad survived, though the left JoyCon didn’t. From there, the Switch pad was able to continue playing games just fine, though obviously you would need a new JoyCon controller to really play the game well.

However, considering its circumstances, the Nintendo Switch drop video might have been faked. If something like the Nintendo Switch gamepad actually can survive a fall from a thousand feet in the air, then Nintendo has definitely covered a lot of their bases when it comes to making it durable. However, if it turns out to have bene faked, UnlockRiver might have just made a bunch of Switch owners with drones break their gamepads.

Whether you think the Nintendo Switch drop video is true or not, we wouldn’t recommend trying it. Considering that it would be your own fault if you smash your gamepad, and Nintendo likely wouldn’t replace it when they discover the circumstances, you probably shouldn’t test it to see if your Switch would survive a 1,000 foot drop.

If you want to see the Nintendo Switch drop video for yourself, take a look further up the article.