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Another Leak Suggests Gold PS4 Slim Coming This Month

Sony has dominated the console market with PS4 since the beginning of this console generation and now it seems that Sonny might be looking to release Gold PS4 ahead of its E3 conference as another image has popped up online showcasing the Gold PS4 Slim.

The image comes from the Reddit user, Christopher_Maxim, who claims that Walmart put out the Gold PS4 Slim early and when he was about to check out the staff realised their mistake but, he managed to take a picture of the console’s packing before leaving.

Previously, Reddit User, Sliye, put up an image of the console claiming that he is a worker at Target. According to the user, PS4 Gold will launch on June 9, 2017, just days ahead of Sony’s E3 press conference. The Gold version of Ps4 comes with 1 TB of hard drive. Check out the images below.

A golden Playstation 4 controller has already been released in limited quantities before now, so a Gold PS4 Slim isn’t necessarily out of the question.

For those who are looking to but PS4 Slim might want to wait a few days for this console as it does look amazing and given that two sources have revealed the console it is all but confirmed.

Source: Reddit