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Argo Is A Free-To-Play Tactical Shooter From Arma Dev Without Any Form Of Microtransactions

Bohemia Interactive is known for developing the Arma franchise which is loved by a vast majority of gamers. Now the studio has announced its new game, Argo, a completely free-to-play game without any microtransactions and “any other form of payment to play the game”.

The game will feature different gameplay modes and the most intriguing one is the “Combat Patrol mode”. This gameplay mode “enables up to 10 players to team up and fight against AI in an open-world setting. Due to its randomized objectives and procedural generation of enemy forces, combined with Malden’s 62 km² sandbox terrain, each session of Combat Patrol presents new challenges. To round out the package, Argo also includes a trimmed down version of the 3D Scenario Editor found in Arma 3, which makes it possible to create your own scenarios in just a few simple steps”.

While Argo is free from microtransactions but to show support for the developer players will be able to purchase completely optional “Supporter’s Pack”. The supporter’s pack will be available as a DLC on Steam and will be priced at €10/$10. This pack will include:

  • Set of 14 exclusive animations for the MVP screen
  • Bundle of 22 unique apparel items, including facewear and headwear, and backpacks (these items are purely cosmetic and do not offer any gameplay benefits)
  • Highlighted name in the leaderboards
  • Access to premium servers that will be exclusively available for Argo Supporters
  • Access to vehicles in Argo’s Scenario Editor

Argo is a tactical free-to-play shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive and is scheduled to launch on June 22, 2017, for PC.

Source: ProjectArgo