Super Smash Bros Leak Claims The Game for Nintendo Switch, It’s a Fake

An alleged Super Smash Bros leak that had been floating around 4chan today claimed that Super Smash Bros. Wii U, the latest iteration of Nintendo’s classic fighting game, would soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, proof has since told us otherwise and the game will not be getting ported (as there is no confirmation for now).

Super Smash Bros. Wii U was one of the last few Nintendo games to be put on the Wii U, and the game has been a frequent port request of many Nintendo fans that still want to play it but want to have it on their Nintendo Switch. While the rumor had apparently confirmed that itch was going to be scratched, it turned out to be for nothing.

For instance, in many of these pictures, there are a variety of things that don’t add up. Despite supposedly being Japanese screenshots, for instance, Bowser Jr. is given his English name here. In Japan, he’s called Kooper Jr. In the “Break the Targets” picture, Yoshi has no shadow. In the picture with Link and Ness running through an obstacle course, Ness is not where he should be in one photo. And there are a number of other discrepancies too that point to this simply being a Photoshop.

Even if there were a Super Smash Bros. game coming for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo would likely keep it under tight wraps until their E3 conference, when they’ll be announcing the release dates of already-announced games, or showing off some of their new ones.

And, for a game as big as Super Smash Bros, Nintendo would be keeping it close to try and keep the surprise as much as possible. While one may be coming, one shouldn’t necessarily rely on 4chan for all of their news.

While the various screenshots shown for the fake Super Smash Bros leak certainly do look convincing, with a number of “new” stages that seem like remastered or brand-new stages, along with at least one game mode where Mega Man and Mario were seen undertaking what appeared to be something related to another “Smash Run” supposed game mode.

Either way we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo says before we can really get anything concrete. E3 rolls around in only two weeks, so if people can wait for that long, we’ll be able to see if Nintendo actually intends to port Super Smash Bros. Wii U over to the Nintendo Switch.