New League of Legends Honor System Takes a Page From Overwatch

The League of Legends honor system is being updated to carry more meaning and worth by integrating “tightly” with the game itself.

The process of honoring players will now take place before heading into the post-game lobby, offering better recognition and rewards for the deserving. Once a game has concluded, both teams will be ushered to a new screen where each player must honor one team member.

There will be three categories to choose from, each meant to represent different honorable traits. These are likely placeholders and the titles and descriptions may be changed later on.

  • Stayed Cool: Tilt-Proof, Chill
  • Great Shotcalling: Leadership, Strategy
  • GG: Team Player, Friendly

The normal end-of-game screen will arrive once the voting is done. Here, everyone will be able to see if they were honored or not. Anyone who receives at least three honor points will be highlighted for the entire lobby.

The new system will also incorporate an “honor level,” which will be present in the profile besides the ranked rating. It will increase as the player earns more honor points, but also decrease if the player goes through several games without being honored. Having a high honor level will drop key fragments for hextech crafting, as well as other exclusive rewards.

The entire rework is very similar to the MVP Cards that show at the end of every match in Overwatch. The only difference is that featured players are selected based on their in-game feats. This means that a player is able to honor enemy players as well.

The new League of Legends honor system is scheduled to arrive with Patch 7.13. We are currently on Patch 7.10, which means that the honor system will by updated somewhere in July.

In other gameplay-related news, League of Legends is finally ready to rework its existing system of Runes and Masteries later this year.