Intel Core X Series CPUs And X299 Platform: What Is New? Water Cooler From Intel Announced

Intel Core X Series CPUs, as well as the X299 chipset, has been announced and if you were wondering about the details regarding everything that was revealed at Computex then you have come to the right place as we are going to talk about the details that have been revealed. Intel Core X Series CPUs comprise of i5, i7 and i9 models.

These CPUs feature 4 to 18 cores and cost from $242 to $1999 for the 18 core model. If you are interested in learning about the lineup from AMD that will be competing with the Intel Core X Series CPUs then check out the article we covered recently about that. Intel has recommended using their all-in-one water coolers when using the i9 CPUs.

The liquid cooler is called TS13X and it is estimated to cost $100. The higher core count of the i9 CPUs means that more heat will be dissipated and it seems that liquid cooling will indeed be the best option here, in order to cool these high-end CPUs. You can check out the complete information regarding the Intel Core X series CPUs in the table below.

Intel Core X Series

You can note that some of the clock speeds are missing from the table and that is because they have not been announced yet. If you were wondering about the clock speeds of these CPUs then the general rule is that when the core count increases the clock speeds of the cores decreases. This should help you estimate the clock speeds of some of the CPUs here.

We are also expecting to see the more mainstream Coffee Lake S CPUs to come out in Q3 of the year. This is something that more people will be interested in as these CPUs will be more economical as most people are on a budget when it comes to gaming and not everyone can afford one of the Intel X series CPUs.

Let us know what you think about the Intel Core X series CPUs talked about here and which one you are the most interested in.