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Gwent Guide to Silver Cards That You Must Have

Gwent just entered open beta last week but it is not too soon to start talking about what cards you should be aiming to collect as soon as possible.

As a reminder, a single deck can only hold a maximum of six Silver cards. Kegs purchased with Ore do give you random cards, and there is the possibility that you are able to snag some of the ones mention here with ease.

However, if you are not interested in clashing with lady luck, there is always the crafting aspect of Gwent. Just remember to not be reckless and waste precious resources on premium versions of the card you are interested in.


Alzur’s Double–Cross (Spell)
Strengthen the highest unit in your deck by two, then play it.

Myrgtabrakke (Strength 5 / Ranged)
Damage units by two, two, and then one.

Roach (Strength 5 / Any Row)
Summon this unit on a random row whenever you play a gold card (excluding Leaders).

The Last Wish (Spell)
Draw two cards. Play one and shuffle the other back.

Vesemir (Strength 6 / Melee)
Summon Eskel and Lambert.


Crone: Brewess (Strength 8 / Siege)
Summon Whispess and Weavess.

Fire Elemental (Strength 6 / Siege)
Spawn three Lesser Fire Elementals. Brave: Strengthen self by two.

Nithral (Strength 4 / Any Row)
Biting Frost Damage increased to two.

Water Hag (Strength 3 / Siege)
Spawn Clear Skies, Lacerate or Torrential Rain.

Nilfgaardian Empire

Auckes (Strength 4 / Ranged)
Toggle two units’ lock. If enemies, also damage them by one.

Cynthia (Strength 4 / Ranged)
Reveal the highest unit (including golds) in your opponent’s hand and boost self by the revealed unit’s power.

Sweers (Strength 7 / Melee)
Choose a bronze enemy or a revealed opposing bronze unit and move all copies of it from your opponent’s deck to their graveyard.

Vanhemar (Strength 3 / Siege)
Spawn Stammelford’s Tremors, Clear Skies or Biting Frost.

Northern Realms

Dethmold (Strength 3 / Siege)
Spawn Torrential Rain, Alzur’s Thunder or Clear Skies.

Margarita Laux–Antille (Strength 4 / Siege)
Reset a unit and toggle its lock.

Nenneke (Strength 8 / Siege)
Shuffle up to three cards from your graveyard into your deck.

Pavetta (Strength 5 / Ranged)
Shuffle the lowest ally into your deck, then shuffle the lowest enemy into your opponent’s deck.


Dennis Cranmer (Strength 8 / Melee)
Strengthen all other dwarves in your deck, hand, and on your side of the board by one.

Ida Emean (Strength 4 / Siege)
Spawn Quen Sign, Impenetrable Fog or Clear Skies.

Nature’s Gift (Spell)
Play a special card from your deck. Shuffle the others back.

Yaevinn (Strength 12 / Any Row)
Draw a unit and a special card (including golds). Keep one and shuffle the other back.

Yarpen Zigrin (Strength 7 / Siege)
Whenever a dwarf ally (including golds) is played, boost self by one.


Draig Bon–Dhu (Strength 4 / Siege)
Strengthen two units in your graveyard by three.

Gremist (Strength 3 / Siege)
Spawn Impenetrable Fog, Bloodcurdling Roar or Clear Skies.

Morkvarg (Strength 8 / Melee)
Whenever this unit is discarded or destroyed, resurrect it and weaken it by three.

Restore (Spell)
Return a unit from your graveyard to your hand, then discard a card.

Sigrdrifa (Strength 3 / Siege)
Resurrect a unit from your graveyard.