Gwent Guide to Gold Cards That You Must Have

Gwent just entered open beta last week but it is not too soon to start talking about what cards you should be aiming to collect as soon as possible.

As a reminder, a single deck can only hold a maximum of four Gold cards. Kegs purchased with Ore do give you random cards, and there is the possibility that you are able to snag some of the ones mention here with ease.

However, if you are not interested in clashing with lady luck, there is always the crafting aspect of Gwent. Just remember to not be reckless and waste precious resources on premium versions of the card you are interested in.


Ciri (Strength 7 / Any Row)
Round End, Brave: If this unit is on the board, return it to your hand.

Ragh Nar Roog (Spell)
Apply Ragh Nar Roog to all rows on your opponent’s side. Turn Start: Damage the highest unit on the row by three.

Villentretenmerth (Strength 6 / Any Row)
Timer 3, Turn Start: Destroy the highest unit(s) on the board twice.

Yennefer (Strength 6 / Any Row)
Spawn a Unicorn or a Chironex.


Avallac’h (Strength 10 / Any Row)
Both players draw two cards (including Golds).

Caranthir (Strength 5 / Any Row)
Move five enemies to this unit’s row on your opponent’s side and apply Frost to that row on that side only.

Caretaker (Strength 4 / Any Row)
Resurrect a unit from your opponent’s graveyard.

Ge’els (Strength 2 / Any Row)
Draw a Gold card and a Silver card. Play one and return the other to the top of your deck.

Woodland Spirit (Strength 5 / Any Row)
Spawn three Rabid Wolves and apply Fog to the opposite row.

Nilfgaardian Empire

Cahir (Strength 5 / Any Row)
If Nilfgaard, trigger your Leader’s ability.

Tibor Eggebracht (Strength 10 / Any Row)
Boost self by 15, then your opponent draws a revealed Bronze card.

Vattier de Rideaux (Strength 8 / Any Row)
Reveal up to two cards from your hand. For each card revealed, reveal one random card from your opponent’s hand.

Vilgefortz (Strength 8 / Any Row)
Destroy an ally, then play the top card from your deck.

Xarthisius (Strength 10 / Any Row)
Look at the top three cards of your opponent’s deck. You may choose one and place it at the bottom of their deck.

Northern Realms

Philippa Eilhart (Strength 1 / Any Row)
Damage an enemy by five, then damage random enemies by four, three, two, and one. The same enemy cannot be damaged twice in a row.

Shani (Strength 3 / Any Row)
Resurrect a unit from your graveyard and add four armor to it.

Triss: Butterfly Spell (Strength 5 / Any Row)
Boost the lowest ally/allies by one.

Vernon Roche (Strength 6 / Any Row)
Damage an enemy by three. If it was destroyed, spawn a Blue Stripes Commando on a random row and repeat the deploy ability (one time only).


Iorveth (Strength 6 / Any Row)
Damage an enemy by four. Whenever an enemy moves to a different row, damage it by two.

Ithlinne (Strength 2 / Any Row)
Play a bronze special card from your deck, then spawn a copy of it. Shuffle the others back.

Milva (Strength 8 / Any Row)
Return the highest enemy to your opponent’s hand, then the highest ally to your hand.

Zoltan Chivay (Strength 8 / Any Row)
Move three units to this row on their side. If they are allies, strengthen them by two.


Coral (Strength 5 / Any Row)
Pick a unit and damage all units on its row by half their power (rounding down and ignoring armor).

Ermion (Strength 6 / Any Row)
Draw two cards, then discard two cards from your hand.

Kambi (Strength 3 / Any Row)
Timer 3, Turn Star; Spawn Hemdall.

Madman Lugos (Strength 7 / Any Row)
Discard a Bronze unit from your deck and damage a unit by the discarded unit’s base power.