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Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake Would Like To Do More With Alan Wake

Alan Wake recently got pulled off of Steam (apparently due to the expiration of music licenses), but Remedy Entertainment and its head Sam Lake would like to do more with Alan Wake in the future. With how the first game ended, and the plot’s potential, I’m inclined to agree with them.

Alan Wake ended on a very cliffhanger-ish note, with Alan stuck in Cauldron Lake after rescuing his wife Alice from its evil clutches. However, despite a standalone expansion called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and multiple instances of DLC, we don’t have any indication of what will happen next.

Remedy Entertainment is also known as the studio that developed the Max Payne games, along with last year’s blockbuster Quantum Break. However, despite their association with bullet time in their shooters, Remedy seems more intrigued by Alan Wake than its other games, and wants to do more with Alan Wake in the future.

Sam Lake says that it’s because Remedy not only still owns the license to Alan Wake, but also because they have a large number of stories to tell. In a setting where writing something makes it come true, there’s a lot of potential stories in a setting like Alan Wake.

Previously, Remedy had a working prototype of Alan Wake 2. However, for some reason, they cancelled the game that they could have turned it into. If they really want to do more with Alan Wake in the future, hopefully they’re working on something else in the meantime.

Sam Lake has said that if they ever do return to Alan Wake, the stars will have to align properly. Remedy will have to be in a position where they can make an Alan Wake 2 risk-free, and with Quantum Break’s somewhat middling reception they might not have that right now.

Hopefully sometime soon Remedy will be able to do more with Alan Wake and make a new game.