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Reinhardt’s Hammer Was Nerfed Accidentally, Blizzard on the Case

It has come to light that the recent anniversary update for Overwatch introduced an unintentional change for Reinhardt’s hammer.

To clarify, the patch notes already listed changes to the height of his ultimate ability; Reinhardt can no longer climb tall objects as he moves along the ground. However, there was one other major change that was missing from the patch notes.

Reinhardt’s hammer has a significantly long and slow hit-animation. Hence, Blizzard coded his basic attack in the way that the damage is registered while the hammer is in the middle of the animation. Following the recent update, the damage is now being registered after the entire animation has concluded. This has effectively doubled the amount of time it takes for Reinhardt’s hammer to do a basic attack on a target.

A recent thread on Reddit asked Blizzard to “revert the change” to Reinhardt’s hammer. It was noticed by lead engineer Bill Warnecke, who stated that there was no intention of doing anything to the hero’s hammer and the change is likely an accident. He promised to “dig into” the matter and more information on a possible hot-fix should arrive this week.

Overwatch is currently hosting celebrations for its first anniversary, which will continue through to June 12. The event brings eleven new legendary skins, as well as over a hundred new items. There is still enough time to grind multiple loot boxes to unlock rare content.