“Project IGI: We Are Going In” Confirmed To Be In Development, Might Feature Co-Op

Project IGI is a popular Tactical FPS that started its life in the year 2000 and was developed by Eidos Interactive. Now a third entry, Project IGI: We Are Going In, has been announced and is currently in development for PC and the studio is currently looking to crowdfund the game.

Project IGI: We Are Going In is in development at Artplant, a Norway based studio which was established in 2001. The current budget for the game is 2,669,939 nOK which is $316606.12 The studio is consists of the original Project IGI devs. According to the devs, the game will offer unique features and elements the series is known for.

According to Artplant’s chief Jack K. Wulff, while the game is in development but the studio has nothing to share about the game at the moment except for the title, We Are Going In. The title suggests that that the game will focus on co-op multiplayer. Also, the studio has hinted that the protagonist from the first two games might return for the third.

Project IGI is a first-person tactical shooter franchise. The first two games were developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Square Enix. While the games were certainly memorable but they did had some flaws, hopefully, all of these issues will be addressed in the upcoming title.

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Source: PCGamer