Overwatch Teases Horizon Lunar Colony Map, Will Accompany New Hero

Blizzard has begun teasing a new multiplayer map for the community, which also inadvertently confirms the arrival of the next Overwatch hero.

As the lore dictates, the Horizon Lunar Colony was established on the moon by Lucheng Interstellar for the sole purpose of space exploration. The team of scientists took with them a group of genetically enhanced gorillas in order to test the effects of prolonged habitation in space. However, the experiments did not last long. The gorillas launched an uprising, killing all the scientists and claiming the moon-base for their own.

The upcoming map will likely take place on the same lunar base, with the Overwatch crew tasked to get control back. Winston himself is from the very same family of gorillas, as indicated by his short introductory video. However, he was not the only one who went missing during the uprising. Another “smaller” specimen named Hammond was also listed by the corporation.

Hammond could potentially be our next Overwatch hero. It was just last week when game director Jeff Kaplan stated that “there’s some really cool hero news just on the horizon.” Apparently he was referring to the Horizon Lunar Colony.

Overwatch is currently hosting celebrations for its first anniversary, which will continue through to June 12. The event brings eleven new legendary skins, as well as over a hundred new items. There is still enough time to grind multiple loot boxes to unlock rare content.