Overwatch Guide to Best Heroes for Dive Compositions

A dive composition in Overwatch is the ultimate form of aggression, focusing on heroes that can easily swoop behind enemy lines to wreak havoc. The main goal is to take out the enemy healers and other squishy heroes as quickly as possible. Superior mobility is key here, which helps in jumping over the tank-lines and opposing armor as well overwhelming the opposition.

Since the release of Overwatch, a few heroes for a dive composition have been shuffled with every major patch. However, the main faces have remained the same. Some refer to it as the “classic” dive composition while others deem the heroes as mandatory regardless of what the patch notes say.

It is important to note that mastery of each hero is essential for proper execution of the dive composition. Simply locking the desired faces from the roster will not guarantee success.

He is a vital part of the composition because of his hybrid design that allows him to zone out targets as well as quickly close the distance to secure eliminations.

Genji will mostly be harassing from range with deadly shurikens, and flying in when an isolated target is spotted. However, it is his Dragonblade that makes him such an important component of the composition. The high-damage dealing ability will always make quick work of the enemy’s back-lines, once Genji is past the resistance at the front.

When it comes to mobility, there is no one faster and more agile than Lúcio. He is able to not only speed himself up but also his entire team, making sure that they reach the objective faster than their foes. The same ability can be chosen to heal allies as well.

His default passive of riding along walls without falling means that Lúcio can take major shortcuts across the map to reach the back-lines of an enemy team.

In a way, Lúcio can also help counter enemy divers by knocking them away with his primary weapon. Targets can be pushed off cliffs and into environmental hazards.

Her immense mobility and trait of keeping enemies distracted is what makes her a vital component of the dive composition. With significant knowledge of the map and setting, it is possible to teleport right behind the enemy team without most of them noticing.

Use the time wisely and a single clip from her pistols will be enough to take out the healers and other squishy targets. Take note that her ultimate ability charges incredibly fast. It will always guarantee a free kill.

The most mobile tank in the game has grown in popularity as of late. There is a reason that professional coaches in South Korea are assessing their compositions around the genetically engineered gorilla.

Winston can easily jump over everyone and land right into the middle of the enemy team, asserting dominance and disrupting multiple targets at the same time. His goal is to attract the attention of the enemy’s back-line of heroes, soaking damage with his shield and zoning out the healers with ease. While he will always be the first one to engage a fight, Winston needs to be accompanied by other allies or else he will not survive for long.

Sheer mobility can help get through the enemy-tanks but often it will be at the cost of collateral damage. Zarya is the one who makes sure that her allies are able to survive just long enough to complete the job.

She should shield Winston before he jumps into the enemy team, and team members even if they are about to die. The goal is not to mitigate damage but to keep everyone alive for as long as possible. In addition, the aggression from the side of the shield-bearer helps quicken the charge on her ultimate ability. Hers is probably the only ultimate ability that goes well with pretty much every team composition in Overwatch.

We already mentioned the importance of picking characters that can eliminate healers and other damage dealers as quickly as possible. Zenyatta makes that job more efficient.

The monk can easily place orbs on enemy targets from range, significantly increasing the amount of damage they take. With excellent communication, Zenyatta can time firing his orbs back-to-back as soon as his team members are done with each target. That damage amplification also comes in handy if the team decides to take out a healthy tank. Not to forget, Zenyatta can heal team members as well by similarly placing orbs on them.

As always, do not consider the aforementioned heroes as gospel for a dive composition in Overwatch. The game features a diverse roster of heroes, and there is always the likelihood that a certain hero works well in your composition against a certain opposition.