Far Cry 5 Will Feel Like A “Training Day”, Protagonist Won’t Be An Average Joe

Ubisoft finally revealed the much anticipated Far Cry 5 last week and fans are excited about the game’s setting and characters. Now the studio has revealed new details about Far Cry 5 protagonist and revealed that players will be able to their character the way they want it to.

Speaking with HardcoreGamer, creative director and executive producer, Dan Hay, talked about Far Cry 5 and its setting and more. When asked about the game’s protagonist, he revealed that for Far Cry 5 the protagonist will be “two-fold”. Players will be able to “effectively build the character” they want.

He added that the protagonist will be a junior deputy who will be going in as support a warrant against the Father, game’s antagonist. He added that the studio wants the game to feel like “Training Day” that “you’re going in and maybe you had some knowledge, but not experience”.

This time it’s two-fold. What we want to be able to do is allow you to be you. We want you to be able to effectively build the character you want. Secondly, we want to put you in a situation where you’re a junior deputy going in to support the serving of a warrant against the Father. What we did with that was make it feel like a training day. A lot of time in games you’ll go in and you’ll have an experience where you go from zero-to-hero in five minutes. What we wanted with Far Cry 5 is this idea that you’re going in and maybe you had some knowledge, but not experience.

Also, the studio has revealed that Far Cry 5 will offer dynamic story and the AI will be significantly enhanced. According to Ubisoft, these are never before seen features in a Far Cry game.

Far Cry 5 is an open-world first-person shooter in development at Ubisoft and is scheduled to launch on February 27, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: HardcoreGamer