ARM Cortex-A75 Details Leaked Along With Cortex-A55 and Mali-G72, 40% Increase In GPU Performance

ARM has been working on the next generation of mobile CPUs and GPUs and if these slides are to be taken to heart then the upcoming ARM Cortex-A75 CPU could offer 20% increase in performance as compared to previous CPUs. The Mali-G72 GPU, on the other hand, will offer a performance increase of 40% as compared to previous GPUs.

These slides seem to be the official presentation that is to be shown at Computex 2017 but they have leaked ahead of time. It seems that these CPUs and GPU are going to be announced on the 29 of this month, so only a few more days till all these details are confirmed.

It is important to know, if you did not already, that ARM does not make the CPU. The company makes the designs and these are then licensed to companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek. These chips are then later used in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Mali-G72 will provide 40% more power and it seems that the GPU will also use 25% less power as compared to the previous version. This means that smartphones that use this GPU will have higher graphics power but will also mean that the battery will last longer even with the better graphics. This is great as the battery can be an issue with smartphones and other devices.

ARM Cortex-A75

The ARM Cortex-A75 CPU will offer 20% better performance as compared to previous CPU version and some benchmarks show an improvement of 50%, but that is in some specific cases. The A55 will be used in mid-ranged processors or with the ARM Cortex-A75 CPU. The A44 provides double the performance as compared to previous CPUs and consumes 15% less power.

The slides were published on Videocardz but seem to have been removed since then.

ARM Cortex-A75

Let us know what you think about the upcoming ARM Cortex-A75 CPU and the rest of the product that are going to be shown at Computex 2017.