June Playstation Plus PS4 Games May Have Been Leaked: Killing Floor 2, Life Is Strange and More

The June Playstation Plus PS4 games may have been leaked online by the official Turkish Playstation account. The two games that we can see right now appear to be the team-based survival shooter Killing Floor 2, and Dontnod’s episodic drama and mystery game Life Is Strange. Other games haven’t been shown yet.

The Playstation Plus system of free games is a Playstation version of the Xbox Live Games With Gold program, which allows players to download at least one free game each month, depending on whether they’re part of the backwards compatibility system or not.

The Playstation Plus games, however, have been the subject of a large amount of criticism from many Playstation users for their perceived lack of quality. Many of the games that have been available are of poor quality or aren’t the sort of older Triple A titles that Xbox gamers normally receive.

With the Playstation Plus PS4 games for June apparently being Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange to begin with, hopefully this month will be able to escape that stigma. Both of the games that will be available got very positive reviews, with Killing Floor 2 being a fast-paced and fun zombie-shooting survival game, while Life is Strange provides a gripping story complete with time travel mechanics.

There will likely be more games available on Playstation Plus for this month, including the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita. However, we don’t know what the games that will be available for those consoles are, at least until Playstation actually reveals what those games will be.

In the meantime, if Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange tickle your fancy and you’re in the mood for more Playstation Plus PS4 games, all you have to do is wait a few more days for the June Playstation Plus games to become available for free.