Far Cry 5 Co-Op Campaign Will Stretch Throughout The Whole Game

If you were a fan of the cooperative play in Far Cry 4, but were frustrated by the fact that you could only do side activities instead of the main story, Ubisoft has you covered. The Far Cry 5 co-op campaign will allow both of you to play through the story together.

Far Cry 5 takes you to the backwoods of Montana as you travel to Hope County, a formerly quiet community that has apparently been taken over by the doomsday cult known as “Eden’s Gate”. Playing a customized character, the player must fight against the cult to free the county.

Far Cry 4 was Far Cry’s first attempt at a cooperative effort that went through the actual main game, rather than being a separate campaign. Far Cry 3 also had a co-op campaign, but it focused on a different group of protagonists getting revenge on a ship captain that had set them up for the island’s pirates.

In Far Cry 4’s co-op campaign, you and a friend could run around Kyrat causing havoc for Pagan Min, but the game’s main story wasn’t available for both of you to play through. Adding to the inconvenience, only the host player would be able to save their progress inside activities. If you were the guest, you’d have to do it again, alone.

However, the Far Cry 5 co-op campaign appears to be different. To start with, players will be able to play through the whole game together, including the game’s story. Hopefully, along with the story and side content, players will now be able to keep their progress whether they’re the host or the guest.

So, if you and a friend have been hoping for a Far Cry 5 co-op campaign to be possible, you’ll be able to show it off when the game releases in February of next year.