AMD Ryzen AGESA Update Allows Memory Clocks Up To DDR4 4000 MHz

AMD AM4 platform is relatively new and we know that there are memory issues with AMD AM4 as well as AMD Ryzen. AMD has partly blamed motherboard partners for this problem but of course, they cannot be blamed entirely. AMD is dedicated to making the platform better and has now released details regarding the AMD Ryzen AGESA update.

The AMD Ryzen AGESA update will enable DDR4 memory to clock to 4000 MHz. Not only will the new update enhance overclocking it will also increase compatibility. For those of you who do not know, AGESA stands for AMD Generic Encapsulated System Architecture. This is a baseline BIOS code on which the AMD AM4 platform is built on.

AMD AM4 launched in March, the AGESA version that was introduced in the initial motherboards lacked plenty of features that we expect to be standard on modern motherboards of 2017. Having said that, this meant that motherboard manufacturers did not have much to work with. So it would not be fair for AMD to blame motherboard manufacturers for the RAM issues.

Since the initial release, 26 new memory-related parameters have been added to AGESA and things are only going to get better with AMD Ryzen AGESA update. Another important thing to note in the new update is adjustable memory timings. Till now only 5 have been adjustable but this new update adds a dozen new ones.

AMD is dedicated to tweaking and improving the AMD AM4 platform and that is what we want from the company. It is great to see the effort that AMD is putting into products that they have sold. This is great for long term and for the customers that have already bought these motherboards.

AMD is already rolling out the update to motherboard manufacturers, so you should be getting a BIOS update soon. Check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for more information regarding the matter.

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