Call of Duty: WWII Won’t Allow You to Play as Axis

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Call of Duty, it’s that you never play as the Axis. This will hold true for the Call of Duty: WWII characters as well; according to Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey, we won’t be playing as any German or Axis-allied soldier in the game.

So far we’ve only gotten news of two protagonists for the game; a squad of American soldiers in the United States Army’s First Infantry Division, and a French Resistance fighter. Various rumors had been circulating that along with those two groups we would also be playing a soldier from the Axis powers, but Condrey has disproven that in a tweet.

It’s not really surprising, either; the Nazis and Axis were responsible for a huge amount of war atrocities during World War II, and playing as them fighting against the Allies would definitely be something that could cause a great deal of controversy.

An Axis soldier among the Call of Duty: WW2 characters wouldn’t be the only change the game is making; Call of Duty: WWII would be going back to the old days of shooters, when regenerating health wasn’t a thing and players had to run around looking for health if they wanted to stay alive.

Instead, players will have to rely on their squadmates during gameplay, trusting them to give them more health and ammunition instead of running around looking for dropped guns or other weapons to switch out. Sledgehammer says that the reason for this is to avert the “super soldier” trope that’s so often present in shooters, keeping the players from feeling like an invulnerable super-soldier.

Either way, we don’t know when Call of Duty: WWII is going to be releasing. However, maybe Sledgehammer will unveil some more Call of Duty: WWII characters in the time between then and now, maybe even some at E3, if we’re lucky.