Vega Gets His Signature Climbable Cage in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is getting another remastered classic stage, all in the spirit of celebrating the launch of the overhauled Capcom Fighters Network (CFN).

Posting on its official blog, Capcom announced the return of the Spanish stage for Vega from Street Fighter II. The Flamenco Tavern will feature beautiful dancers and pleasing musicians, outside of the character’s signature climbable cage in the background. Vega will once more take to the air, a unique interaction limited to the upcoming stage.

This does mean that the Flamenco Tavern is likely to be banned from tournaments. While the ability to scale a cage is unlikely to make Vega overwhelming, the fighting game community is never in favor of giving specific characters even the slightest of added advantage. The Kanzuki Beach stage is banned for the very reason, as the layout obscures projectiles. This gives characters like Ryu and Birdie a bit of an edge in surprising opponents who are left blinking in disbelief.

The Flamenco Tavern will be available on May 30, alongside the long-awaited patch and will go for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money. It follows last month’s announcement of the remastered Thailand stage from Street Fighter II for M. Bison. It will also be available for purchase on the same date at the same cost.

For those unaware, the CFN has undergone major changes; featuring improvements for the Rage Quit Penalty System, Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times, Battle Lounge Country Flags, Matchmaking Improvements, Fighter Profile Stats, Country / League Based Rankings, Friend Management System, Interactive Timeline, and In-Game Announcer Voice. After extensive beta testing, it all goes live later this week for everyone.