Nintendo Sends Out Nintendo 3DS Banwave; Say Goodbye To Online

Nintendo has just sent out a Nintendo 3DS banwave, banning Nintendo 3DS users from making use of the handheld’s online functions (though not the Nintendo eShop.) Apparently, the banwave is targeted at those that make use of “unauthorized software”, meaning things like save editors, illegally modifying the system, and more.

Nintendo has sent out banwaves before, such as in the case of Pokemon Sun and Moon. When that game came out, Nintendo sent out a Nintendo 3DS banwave that banned gamers that had edited their online save files, preventing them from making use of the Pokemon games’s online functions.

While this ban also didn’t prevent players from making use of things like the eShop (considering that’s not how Nintendo’s online systems works, it wouldn’t really matter if the cheaters accessed it or not), Nintendo did warn that future banwaves would come without warning.

It seems that, with this most recent Nintendo 3DS ban, Nintendo has made good on their warning and banned a lot of other 3DS owners that have used their systems in ways that Nintendo didn’t intend. While jailbreaking consoles and systems is nothing new, Nintendo has been very strict with keeping their systems under their own control.

So, if you’re one of the unlucky people who’ve been hit by the Nintendo 3DS banwave, you might have to get a new system entirely if you want to make use of online functions again. However, hopefully by this point you’ve learned your lesson and will use your 3DS honestly, instead of altering it in ways that Nintendo finds objectionable.

Don’t hold your breath for Nintendo getting rid of the bans, either; after all, if your 3DS is allowed to keep all of its software without consequences you wouldn’t have learned anything.

As for those of you who haven’t been using unauthorized software or games on your own 3DS systems, congratulations! You haven’t been banned.