New AMD Trademarks Filed That Could Be Upcoming Products Down The Line

Besides the name that we already know, there have been some interesting new AMD trademarks that could give us an idea of what to expect in the upcoming months and even years. It is important to note that companies have trademarks of all kinds and that is no promise that such products will come out for sure. But it is still an interesting piece of information to look at.

It is interesting to note here that AMD RX Vega logo was trademarked before the actual name and this could mean that AMD was looking to call the upcoming GPUs something else but then decided to settle on AMD RX Vega at the end. The logo trademark was filed on 2017-02-14, while the name was filed on 2017-03-3.

These are the ones that we already know of, there are other trademarks that are also very interesting. The AMD trademarks for PROMETHEAN was filed on 2017-02-24. This is something that we have not heard of until now and could be something of vital importance somewhere down the line but at this time there is much that we still do not know.

The other AMD Trademarks that have been filed are as follows:

  • EPYC

These are all very odd names but then again, AMD is not known for great brand names in the first place. I am sure that there will be proper justification for every name and things will become clear once we have some context. One trademark that stands out amongst them all is Aragon, something that Lord of the Rings fans might have noticed.

At this point, I doubt even everyone at AMD knows what products these are and what the company is going to do with these trademarks but with Computex coming up soon it is possible that we will be able to learn a bit more. Let us know what you think about these AMD trademarks.