Magikarp Jump Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Quick Leveling Tips

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Leveling Guide to help you learn some of the best tips and tricks to level up your Magikarp fast. Magikarp Jump basically revolves around increasing your Magikarp’s jumping ability in order to win all available Leagues. As a Pokemon Trainer, earning all 8 badges requires you to enhance your Magikarp’s JP.

In this Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Leveling Guide, we have detailed some of the tips to help you increase your Magikarp’s JP. Magikarp Jump pits you in the shoes of an ambitious Pokemon trainer who must catch, train, and compete their Magikarp to become the best jumper. There are different league to compete into and some other Pokemon to help you grow.

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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Leveling Guide

In our Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Leveling Guide, we have detailed some of our best and most effective leveling methods.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Leveling

Invest in Purchasing Better Food

As you progress through the game, you will earn a handful of coins. Use these coins in order to purchase/upgrade your Magikarp’s food. The reason as to why I recommend investing in food is because it is directly tied to your Magikarp’s JP. With increased JP, your Magikarp will level up at an incredibly fast rate. As a general rule of thumb, I recommend purchasing 2-3 different types of food before trying to upgrade. Moreover, try to upgrade the food that generates the most amount of JP.

Invest in Decorations

If you have some extra Diamonds, make sure to invest in purchasing decorations for your pond. Decorations like the Parasect Puffballs allow you to have an increased percentage of JP for different types of completed tasks. Depending upon the type of purchased item, you will acquire additional JP for training, feeding your Magikarp, and completing events.

Buy & Upgrade Training Items

At the very start of the game, you will only have the Sandbag Slam and the Jump Counter at your disposal. Try to upgrade the both of them and after progressing through the game a little, try to purchase the newer ones. With these upgraded and new Training Items, you will earn a decent amount of JP that plays a huge role in leveling up fast. Having more JP means that your Magikarp will perform better in Leagues and will earn levels faster than others will.

This is all we have in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Leveling Guide. Let us know if you would like to add anything else!