For Honor Confirmed to Receive “Quit Penalty” System

Much like any multiplayer game, For Honor is also plagued with players who abandon ongoing matches when defeat is imminent.

Until now, Ubisoft was unable to address the issue of rage-quitting due to the frail peer-to-peer infrastructure of the game’s online services. Majority of the community suffered from forced disconnections in the past couple of months. Hence, introducing penalties for leaving games would have proven disastrous.

However, recent updates have stabilized For Honor to a certain degree. While there is still much to do before the online servers can be deemed perfect, the developer can finally identify players who were booted from a game due to an error message and those who exited intentionally.

With the ability to track players, and improved server-stability, a “Quit Penalty” system is slated to arrive for For Honor with the next patch. Ubisoft has not detailed what kind of penalties will be making the cut. We can only assume that a certain amount of intentional disconnections will result in a temporary ban. Players who fail to reform themselves will likely endure longer bans, leading to permanent bans in the worst cases. It naturally means that players must make sure to have their internet connections stable and personal rage meters quelled.

The upcoming patch will also include colorblind options, as well as a number bug-fixes for gameplay and classes.

Unfortunately, there is still no news on when For Honor will receive a ranked mode. It was last month when a round of data mining unearthed ranked icons and borders for the competitive community. The game will apparently feature six different ranked tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. These will house new Kill Ranked Icons, Duel Ranked Icons, and Objective Ranked Icons.

Ubisoft plans to launch the first Public Test Server (PTS) next month, which will be used to test the upcoming Tournament/Ranked mode. According to the developer, a beta version of the competitive mode will be rolled out once the initial testing period concludes. The current schedule puts ranked games on the live servers for the third season in August.

A previous version of the article missed Ubisoft updating us on the upcoming ranked queues. The mistake has been amended and the article updated. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.