Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Fully Compatible With Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has partnered with dozens of third party developers and publishers for its newly released console, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games is among those devs. Previously, Epic Games announced experimental UE 4 support for the hybrid console and now Unreal Engine 4 is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Now the devs will be able to bring their games developed on Unreal Engine 4 to Nintendo Switch as the game engine is now fully compatible with the hybrid console. Epic Games has now released the source code for the engine to approved creators for free. The new version which is UE4.16 replaces the 4.15 version which had experimental support for the console.

While the game engine has now become fully compatible with the hybrid console, but there are already a number of games in development for Nintendo Switch based on Unreal Engine 4. According to Epic Games Japan representative Takayuki Kawasaki, there are 20 games based on UE 4 in development for Switch. However, these games are in development in Japan.

Unfortunately, there were not any Unreal Engine titles at launch, but in late March, Snake Pass, which was one of the titles playable at GDC, launched in America and Europe, and at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, there were titles such as Shin Megami Tensei. In Japan, there are about 20 titles being developed that use Unreal Engine, so I think that they’ll be announced gradually from here on.

In related news, Nintendo Switch outsold both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the US for the second time in a row for the month of April. According to the NDP Group, Nintendo Switch was the best-selling video game hardware in the month of April in the US with more than 280,000 units sold which marks the second month in a row in which Switch has led the gaming hardware sales in the US.

Source: Gamespot