The Amazing Race Contestants Must Defeat Pro Street Fighter V Players

The next episode of The Amazing Race on Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) will force its contestants to defeat a professional gamer in Street Fighter V.

The esports challenge will take place in South Korea, meaning that the reality show will be featuring some of the best names from the competitive circuit of the latest installment in the iconic fighting franchise. This includes Seon-woo “Infiltration” Lee and Chung-Gon “Poongko” Lee, who must be defeated by the contestants in order to advance.

It may sound like an impossible task but the rules of the challenge ensure that the racers will manage to achieve victory, though it might take some time. Firstly, Capcom has provided coaches to teach the basics of Street Fighter V to the contestants. Secondly, if the contestants fail to win in ten rounds, their godly opponents must then continue playing one-handed. If victory is still not achieved in the next ten rounds, the professional gamers will be then forced to wear blindfolds.

The next episode of the Amazing Race is scheduled to air later today, Thursday.

Street Fighter V has crossed 1.6 million sales in its lifetime. It was released in February last year to great criticism, which stunted its growth. The passionate fighting game community was not thrilled to see that Capcom had rushed the release, leaving behind several features otherwise considered standard in a fighting game.

We are currently into the second season of the game. Ed was recently announced as the next playable downloadable character. His fighting style is a mixture of traditional boxing, with a few kicks and projectiles that are based on his inert psycho powers. Ed is a unique addition to the roster because his special move inputs are designed for simplicity and accessibility.

Street Fighter V is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Capcom continues to better the game with regular updates and acting on feedback.

via Polygon