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PlayStation May Have Scored Exclusive Far Cry 5 Content

Exclusive Far Cry 5 content could be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Ubisoft rolled out exclusive Far Cry 5 teasers earlier this week which gave us our first look at the game’s setting. However, it gave us a look at something else.

Ever since the start of this console generation, PlayStation has been in the lead. Many big name publishers joined forces with PlayStation for exclusive content. Names like EA with Battlefront and Activision with Call of Duty are just the tip of the iceberg.

It looks like Ubisoft has just joined the list of PlayStation friends. Before Ubisoft shared the art for Far Cry 5, the developer shared four different teasers for the game. All four teasers featured PlayStation branding and those who wish to watch the trailers had to visit Ubisoft’s official YouTube or PlayStation Europe’s official channel. This is a strong indication that Ubisoft is currently in partnership with PlayStation for exclusive Far Cry 5 content.

Far Cry 5

PlayStation and Ubisoft joined hands for Far Cry 4 as well for a feature called “Keys to Kyrat.” The feature allowed players to remotely hand over the controls to their friends and allow them to play without owning a copy. With Far Cry 5, both companies might be taking exclusive content to the next level with exclusive missions and activities.

Far Cry 5 will be taking place in Hope County, Montana, which appears to be under the control of a religious cult in a similar manner to that of Outlast 2’s own crazy cultists. While we don’t really know much about them, it seems that the game will also have more aerial vehicles than Far Cry 5, along with a new setting.

For more on Far Cry, stay tuned!