Blizzard Doesn’t Want More Than Four New Overwatch Characters a Year

If you’re one of the many Overwatch players that wants a new hero every other month, then you’re out of luck. Blizzard has said that they don’t want more than four new Overwatch characters in a year, and they can’t just be thrown in, either; they have to complement the others.

As Overwatch is a team-based shooter game, all of its characters need to have a certain role, and be able to complement each other. For instance, Reinhardt can protect his teammates with his shield, while Mercy can heal or revive. Bastion and Torbjorn can lock down certain areas with their turrets.

As fun as each new Overwatch character is, not to mention how slow many people think that Blizzard gives out new heroes (for instance, Sombra and Anna came out several months into the game’s release, and Orisa came out a short time before the game’s first anniversary), more work goes into them than just creating them and giving them abilities.

Each of the abilities of these new Overwatch characters has to complement and counter other characters so that the game remains balanced. Balance changes often include little quirks to the abilities of currently-available heroes to make sure they stay valid, but aren’t abused.

So, despite a lot of recent news about new Overwatch characters coming sometime soon, such as Doomfist and a number of others, it will take a long time for Blizzard to make each character to their satisfaction, while also keeping the meta in mind.

While it’ll still be at least a little while before we get any news of more new Overwatch characters, hopefully at some point soon Blizzard will have created a hero that they’re happy with to put on the Public Test Realm, the same way that they did Orisa earlier in the year before she was released.