First Batch of Changes Listed for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health

Operation Health, announced a couple of weeks back, aims to address several concerns about the health and longevity of Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft hopes to chalk out solutions for the online stability of the team-based shooter, as well as improve the overall player-experience for the long run.

This week, the developer shared a priority list of features and changes that it is currently working on for the “first push” in the Operation Health program.

One Step Matchmaking
In contrast to the current method of matching players one-by-one, the new system will pull all ten players at once and distribute them evenly between both teams based on their skill levels. In addition, a revamped navigational aspect will allow players to access the main menus while waiting for the match to start. This means that players will finally be able to customize load-outs and settings.

Map Fixes
Glitches and bugs in relation to the terrain are all being addressed. This includes vantage points from where players can peek to take out spawning targets.

Game Crashes
The code of the game is being rewritten and refined for a stable experience.

One of the major problems with the operators of Rainbow Six Siege finally gets fixed. The developer is recreating the character models of every operator to adjust the flawed existing hit-boxes for accurate hit-registration.

Spawn Killing
Ubisoft is considering to restrict players from removing certain barricades before the start of a round in order to stop them from peeking and killing attackers as soon as they spawn.

Join in Progress
Players will no longer be able to join ongoing Ranked games. This is based on feedback where players complained about loosing valuable matchmaking rating (MMR) simply because they joined a losing match. However, casual games will continue to allow players to join.

Defuser Issues
Interaction with the Defuser is being addressed. The animation will be made more fluid and responsive. The defusal box will also be corrected to ensure that players are always able to interact with it. Due to a rare glitch, the Defuser can become inaccessible.

His recoil is being increased, damage reduced. Players will now need two to three shots in order to put down a target.

Patch 2.2.1 should include the aforementioned changes. However, the developer has stated that due to the complicated nature of development, some of the changes could be pushed into the next patch to ensure stability.