Final Fantasy 15 DLC Survey Asks About Future Playable Characters, DLC

A Final Fantasy 15 DLC survey concocted by Square Enix has asked Final Fantasy 15 fans which characters from the game they’d want to be playable. Other options included specific variants of DLC that might come out later. While there’s no indication of what will get released, Square Enix may just be testing the waters.

Final Fantasy 15 was released last November after years of delays and a reboot from Final Fantasy Versus 13 to Final Fantasy 15. The game received critical acclaim on release, and has since had a small amount of DLC released for it, including a DLC that tells us what happens to Gladiolus, who disappears for a short time at one point in the story.

The Final Fantasy 15 DLC survey that Square Enix made available for fans to fill out (one vote per person, mind you) included everything from more individual adventures with playable characters, to things like a “hard” difficulty mode (maybe if you’ve already beaten the game and want to again but with a bigger challenge), new stat-changing magic, new story content, and more.

When it came to individual characters, these included characters like Ardyn Izunia and the line of Lucis (Noctis’s family line), what Lunafreya was up to during the story, and other characters like Cor, Aranea, Iris, and Gentinana.

While there’s no telling what exactly all of these possible character DLCs might have in them (some of the characters shown definitely aren’t the combat type), they could at least give some more story information, especially since many events in Final Fantasy 15 happen while Noctis and his friends aren’t around to see them.

The Final Fantasy 15 DLC survey is apparently available in the latest update for the game, so if you’d like to make your opinions about it known, all you have to do is download the update and take the survey (if you haven’t already).