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Fatigue Aside, Overwatch Will Get New Content Drops Every Month

Earlier this month, Blizzard stated that it needs to slow down the release of new content through events for Overwatch. The ongoing anniversary celebration is the sixth event to arrive, making it almost a single event every month or so. According to the developer the current schedule is likely to burn out players in the long run, as well as remove excitement and surprise if events become such a regular trend.

While the developer has taken a stance against a continuous line of events, there is no reason why the community should expect a reduction in terms of content as well.

“We work in what we call branches, different versions of the game that come out at different times,” explained game director Jeff Kaplan during a special livestream.

Since a developer works on content beforehand, it is understandable that Blizzard already has enough content finalized to span the entirety of the year. On that note, it has been confirmed that the community should expect a content drop every month until the end of the year. This means that once the Anniversary event concludes next month, we should be hearing about something new for July.

That being said, Kaplan did not specifically state that Overwatch is destined to receive a new event every month. Sure, there will be more of those to follow the ongoing one, but the developer will probably be taking a step back to rely on pushing forth new skins and other cosmetic alternatives.

Blizzard also reiterated its design policy, confirming that Overwatch will only receive four new heroes at maximum in a single year. Orisa is the only have to have joined the roster this year, meaning that there are still a few more left to arrive. We will soon know whether the next character is Doomfist or not.