Far Cry 5 Cover Art Revealed, Shows Off Villains, Setting, Some Vehicles

All this week, Ubisoft has been feeding us individual little pieces of Far Cry 5 information, and now they’ve given us the Far Cry 5 cover art. The art, which is a parody of Leonardo de Vinci’s “The Last Supper” painting, appears to show off the game’s villains, along with some vehicles.

Far Cry 5 will be taking place in Hope County, Montana, which appears to be under the control of a religious cult in a similar manner to that of Outlast 2’s own crazy cultists. While we don’t really know much about them, it seems that the game will also have more aerial vehicles than Far Cry 5, along with a new setting.

Previously, there haven’t been very many Far Cry vehicles that could fly. While we got the hang glider in Far Cry 3, and the gyrocopter in Far Cry 4, it seems that from the Far Cry 5 cover art that we’ll be able to commandeer outright planes, whether they’re recreational ones or (apparently) fighter planes.

A previous leak about the antagonists says that they are Doomsday-preppers that have gone to the next level, making it seem even more like Outlast 2, whose own cultists were a group of systematic child-murderers hell-bent on preventing the birth of the Anti-Christ, who the Bible says will bring about the end of the world.

Far Cry 5 cover art

Whether the cultists in Far Cry 5 are of a similar bent remains to be seen, but either way, it will likely follow a similar Far Cry formula, a number of psychos having free reign over an isolated area.

Far Cry 5 is going to be officially revealed on May 26, so in the meantime, you can look at the Far Cry 5 cover art yourself and try and exact more details. Hopefully, Ubisoft will use its E3 conference to give a lot more information about the game.