Dead Cells Bestiary Guide – How to Kill Enemies, Tips and Strategy

Dead Cells Bestiary Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about defeating all sorts of enemies that you will encounter in the game. However, each enemy in the game has its unique weaknesses that you can exploit!

Dead Cells is an action-platformer that lets players explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle. The path to victory, however, is not easy and players must fight their way past the castle’s keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. Remember! There are no checkpoints… kill, die, learn, and repeat!

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Dead Cells Bestiary Guide

In this Dead Cells Bestiary Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about defeating all types of enemies in the game.

Dead Cells Bestiary

Dead Cells Enemies – Zombies

You can either walk up to them and hit them with a melee weapon or bait their Lunge Attack followed by a quick attack. Alternatively, you can try to sneak up on them from behind or use a jump attack.

Dead Cells Enemies – Grenadier

Always try to deal with Grenadiers before other enemies. If they have not spotted you, try to rush them down. In case they have spotted you, try to create some distance to avoid the bombs and then deal with them.

Dead Cells Enemies – Shield Bearer

Try to bait its Charge Attack and roll through it in order to get behind it. Since it takes a lot of time to turn around, you should have ample time to kill it. You can also lob a bomb behind it or use things like the Flamethrower Turret, the Meat Grinder, the Ice Bow, the Phaser ability, etc.

Dead Cells Enemies – Undead Archer

If you can, somehow, get behind them: awesome! Otherwise, try to maintain a safe distance and roll towards them. Never try to roll backward when against the Undead Archer.

Dead Cells Enemies – Phazer

This enemy has more poise as compared to Zombie; therefore, do not try to spam attacks. Try to roll behind it, attack a couple of times, and prepare to dodge again. Use the same strategy until you manage to defeat it.

Dead Cells Enemies – Shield Dummy

If there are enemies like Phazer nearby, try to lure it and kill it first. Once done, lure other enemies out of its range so that it cannot buff them. Once its shield disappears, head in and finish the job.

Dead Cells Enemies – Cyclops Bug

Firstly, things like bombs, throwing knives, and Electric Whip are very effective against it. Alternatively, try to bait its Charge Attack and attack once the attack animation is over.

Dead Cells Enemies – Inquisitor

It has little to no poise so you can easily stun-lock it. In order to reach it, you need to bait its attack and close in some distance. Continue doing it until you can reach it by rolling forward and kill it.

Dead Cells Enemies – Red Bug

When against this enemy, try to find some open space, attack it a couple of times, and retreat. Alternatively, you can use some AOE attacks to deal with them effectively.

Dead Cells Enemies – Scorpion

I recommend closing in the gap and continue hitting it as soon as you see one emerge from the ground. If you fail to do so, try to use ranged attacks or roll through its projectile. Since it has low poise, you should easily stun-lock it.

Dead Cells Enemies – Ugly Worm

Its eggs are annoying which is why I recommend using ranged attacks in order to deal with it. If you have some immobilizing skills at your disposal, make sure to use them.

Dead Cells Enemies – Bomb Bat

An AOE ability or homing attack is arguably the safest strategy that you can use in order to deal with it. Alternatively, you can also bait the explosion and quickly roll backwards to avoid the damage.

Dead Cells Enemies – Brown Bug

When against this enemy, try to find some open space, attack it a couple of times, and retreat. Alternatively, you can use some AOE attacks to deal with them effectively. You must be extra careful when dealing with the Brown Bug.

Dead Cells Enemies – Mushroom

If you manage to avoid its initial attack, you should have no difficulty in dealing with it. I recommend staying out of its range and using range attacks to kill it.

Dead Cells Enemies – Slasher

When it comes to dealing with the Slasher, do not mindlessly rush it and try to use ranged attacks/skills. If you are on a higher platform, try to use arrows. When in melee range, attack after the third attack and only from behind.

Dead Cells Enemies – Obelisk

The safest strategy is to rush it down and kill it. However, do note that its ranged attack is a field that you cannot dodge. Even if you are outside its line-of-sight or behind walls, it will summon its field if damaged. Therefore, try to kill it before it has a chance to call its field.

Dead Cells Enemies – Slime Vial

I do not recommend using ranged attacks with finite ammo. Moreover, try to deal with other nearby enemies before dealing with it. Once you are done with all the nearby enemies, deal with the Slimelings and then whack at it.

Dead Cells Enemies – Slimelings

These enemies usually die in one hit so try to capitalize on that. You can also use ranged attacks in order to deal with them. Finally, you can also use an AOE attack to deal with an entire group.

Dead Cells Enemies – Mechanical Spider

This enemy has a large HP pool; therefore, do not try to bring it down with ranged attacks. I recommend clearing the platforms of all other enemies before dealing with the Mechanical Spider. When dealing with it, do not spam the attack and exercise patience. Hit it a couple of times, retreat, and hit it again.

Dead Cells Enemies – Fog Channeler

It is also a buffing enemy like the Shield Dummy. As soon as you see the fog in front of you, use your ranged attacks to bring it down. I also recommend avoiding heading up/down unprepared!

Dead Cells Enemies – Running Zombie

First, try to deal with all the other enemies in the area. Once done, hit it a couple of times, retreat, and hit it again. I do not recommend spamming the attack button because they can interrupt your attacks.

Dead Cells Enemies – Meat Grinder

Like the Running Zombie, you need to ensure that the Meat Grinder is alone. Once done, try to bait it into throwing its axe, roll behind it, attack a couple of times, and repeat the process. If you encounter two of them at the same time, try to lure one in and use the strategy provided above!

Dead Cells Enemies – Pirate Captain

Never try to get in its melee range unless you have stunned it! I recommend using the ranged attack in order to deal with it. Moreover, try to learn the damage radius of the Cannonball and ensure that it does not hit you!

Dead Cells Enemies – Infested Zombie

Since these enemies are incredibly slow, I recommend leaving them for last! Even if they manage to close in the gap, you should have no difficulty in rolling through their attacks.

This is all we have in our Dead Cells Bestiary Guide. Let us know if you have something else to add to the guide!