Dead Cells Beginner’s Guide – Weapons, Items, Skills, Tips and Strategies

Dead Cells Beginner’s Guide to help you understand everything you need to know about playing the Dead Cells and learning its mechanics. The game is unforgiving and the even the smallest of mistakes can cost you your entire playthrough. To avoid that, we have created a guide that will help you learn more about the game’s mechanics and how to avoid dying.

Dead Cells is an action-platformer that lets players explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle. The path to victory, however, is not easy and players must fight their way past the castle’s keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. Remember! There are no checkpoints… kill, die, learn, and repeat!

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Dead Cells Beginner’s Guide

In our Dead Cells Beginner’s Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about healing, dodging, weapons, skills, and more.

Dead Cells Beginner’s Guide

Dead Cells Items

In Dead Cells, you need Gold to buy new items, weapons, etc. You accumulate Gold by defeating enemies.

You need Cells to unlock new items and permanently upgrade them. Enemies randomly drop Cells after dying.

There are two types of secrets in the game i.e. Land Secrets & Wall Secrets. Land/Ground Secrets let you open a portal to a Challenge Room with various rewards. Wall Secrets, on the other hand, lets you access secret areas with Carrots and Gems inside them.

Timed Doors
The Sealed/Timed Doors contain items like Gems, Gold, Blueprints, etc. You have exactly 210 seconds to reach the first Timed Door in the second level.

Dead Cells Weapons

Rusty Sword
This default sword is decent but starts to decline against powerful enemies. Try to change it as fast as you can!

Wooden Shield
This default shield lets you block without any effect to enemies. Like the Rusty Sword, try to change it.

Beginner’s Bow
This default bow has not-so-great rate-of-fire and damage. If you have patience to use it, do try it!

Throwing Knife
This weapon has good damage, decent range, and inflicts Bleeding that stacks. Moreover, it does well against flying-type enemies who can be very annoying.

Electric Whip
This weapon has okay-ish damage and is generally not great! However, in some cases, it does work wonders. For instance, the Electric Whip is good against ‘The Incomplete One’ boss battle and flying-type enemies.

Dead Cells Skills

Standard grenade. Throw it to dish out damage in an area-of-effect.

Ice Grenade
Freezes and damages enemies followed by slowing them down. Useful against agile enemies and bosses like ‘The Incomplete One’.

Bear Trap
Just lay it on the ground and let an enemy walk over it! The thing will paralyze the targeted enemy and deal an incredible amount of damage. It also has some upgrades.

Horizontal Turret
Like Bear Trap, just place it on the ground and watch it shred through ground-type enemies. It not only has an incredible rate-of-fire and damage output but also a decent amount of HP. If you are struggling with the game, this is the skill to try out!

Dead Cells Tips and Strategies

Unlike SoulsBorne series, dodging in Dead Cells does not involve invincibility frames. In Dead Cells, it provides protection for the entire animation’s duration. Moreover, you can dodge on the ground, in the air, and even when climbing. Since it is an incredibly powerful tool in the game, make sure to utilize it as much as you can.

There are three ways to heal in the game. First, use the potions that start with one charge but are upgradeable to have additional charges. Safe-Zones in the game automatically replenish potions. Second, consume carrots dropped by enemies. Lastly, deal some damage to enemies immediately after receiving damage to heal up a little.

During the course of the game, you will come across Cells and Blueprints. You can use these items to permanently unlock additional items and upgrade them. In order to do it, you must access a designated NPC in the game. Due to this, it is generally a good idea to find Blueprints and Cells.

In Dead Cells, you have two slots for your Skills. However, it is important to note that you must find Skills and you lose them after dying. If you are smart about using your Skills, you will increase your character’s longevity immensely. Things like the Bear Trap and the Horizontal Turret are amazing for dealing with groups of enemies.

Fall Damage
I think it is important that I mention that there is no fall damage in Dead Cells. However, if you fall from a great height, your character will be stunned for a short while. Furthermore, if there are enemies nearby while your character is stunned, good luck!

This is all we have in our Dead Cells Beginner’s Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add to the guide!