Long-Awaited Changes for League of Legends Runes and Masteries Will Soon Be Revealed

In March, Riot Games announced that it has plans to change the current system of League of Legends Runes and Masteries. What was originally designed to offer diversity based on individual play-style and team-based compositions has become a bane for newcomers. The developer is finally ready to address long-awaiting concerns, several years after the release of the game.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon confirmed that the development will soon be “getting some conversation going” about upcoming changes to the Runes and Masteries. Do note that the final overhaul is intended to arrive at the end of the year. However, Riot Games will be sharing its thoughts early about what a good pre-game system should look like for League of Legends.

It was last December when the developer teased that there are major changes coming to Runes and Masteries in the future. The repeated mention only helps assure the community that Riot Games considers the gameplay aspect a priority.

There are two major issues with the current system. Firstly, Runes are incredibly expensive to unlock. For newcomers, it takes a great amount of grinding to not unlock attain Runes but also Rune Pages. Different roles and champions need a different set of Runes for optimal gameplay. This factor only increases the frustration.

Secondly, majority of players defaulting to pre-made Rune and Mastery pages found through guides on third-party websites makes it hard to appreciate their impact in the game. They are essentially an obstacle that players must jump over quickly before getting into the game.

There is speculation that Riot Games may address the first issue by making Runes free. As for the second problem, expect major changes to the existing attributes for every Rune. The Mastery trees are also likely to get an overhaul.