Mike Ybarra: Xbox One Limitations Will Not Hold Xbox One Scorpio Back

Mike Ybarra, the Xbox engineering lead, has said that the Xbox One limitations will not hold the Xbox One Scorpio back. That means there will be no frame rate parity, nothing limiting the framerate, or anything else that might impact how the Scorpio runs. The Xbox Scorpio still has no release date.

One of the more important things that a lot of publishers think of when dealing with newer, better versions of old consoles (especially with premium models like the Playstation 4 Pro or the Xbox One Scorpio) is that the newer models have to run along the same lines as the older consoles.

For instance, the Xbox One Scorpio would (if it weren’t for Ybarra’s statement) be assumed to run only at a slightly higher framerate and more in order to keep production costs down and various things like that. However, Ybarra has said that it will be up to the developers to decide what they want the framerate of the game to be, along with its fidelity.

Considering the Xbox One Scorpio is being touted as the most powerful console ever, it being limited by Xbox One limitations would be a disservice, especially considering everything that the console has going for it. Microsoft has even compared it favorably to a PC, saying the console will have the same sort of framerate and resolution that a top of the line PC would have.

Microsoft is still holding off getting down to the particulars of the Xbox One Scorpio until E3 of this year, but since that’s only in a few weeks’ time we’ll likely be learning about it sometime soon. Hopefully, at that same time, we’ll be able to see how games play on the Scorpio, and thus form our own opinions on whether or not it will be worth buying, Xbox One limitations or not.