Riot Games Officially Details League of Legends Rift Rivals Initiative

Following a rumor from yesterday, Riot Games has officially confirmed plans for a new cross-regional event called League of Legends Rift Rivals.

It will pit teams from all thirteen regions against each other in five different tournaments. However, two teams from the same region will not battle each other. Consider the League of Legends Rift Rivals program similar to the Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship, but on a smaller scale. It is not entirely an international tournament, and is instead more of a grudge match between regional rivals.

  • Europe (EU LCS) and North America (NA LCS)
  • China (LPL), South Korea (LCK), and Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macau (LMS)
  • Japan (LJL), Oceania (OPL), and Southeast Asia (GPL)
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (LCL), and Turkey (TCL)
  • Brazil (CB), Latin America South (LAS), and Latin America North (LAN)

Rankings from the Spring Split decide which teams will be participating from each region. In the case of North America versus Europe; Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Phoenix1 will be going against G2 Esports, Unicorns of Love, and Fnatic. The event will be hosted in Berlin, Germany, at Riot Games’ studio and take place from July 6-8.

For seeding details and information on the participating rivals from other regions, head to the official website.

Riot Games has two major goals with the League of Legends Rift Rivals program. First, fulfill the community’s request for more international play. Second, address concerns for competitive fatigue by creating an “uninterrupted off-season” for professionals to reset.

On that note, the developer is also considering the possibility of shortening the tournament season, but any decisions will not be taken until 2019. According to the company, major structural changes enforced beforehand would financially hurt esports organizations.

For the next two years, the competitive calendar of League of Legends will feature the Spring Split, Mid-Season Invitational, Rift Rivals, Summer Split, and World Championship.