Lords of the Rings Meets Sword of the Stranger in New Blood Lines Comic, by Pakistani Artist Mehran Khan

Blood Lines, a new dark fantasy comic book, is now available for purchase in Pakistan.

It aims to appeal to fans of The Lords of the Rings and the popular Japanese anime, Sword of the Stranger. A touch of local culture helps the audience build a better connection with the characters of this fictional world.

Blood Lines is a passion project of Pakistani artist Mehran Khan and is a self-published adventure! The high fantasy mini-series, created with the help of his wife, is set on the backdrop of swords and sorcery.

The story follows a lone swordsman looking for vengeance, who is also haunted by the demons of his past. He will cross paths with a number of different characters, all trying to survive and protect whatever they have left in this dark and twisted world, tormented by an evil force out to rebuild the known civilization by eliminating it.

Blood Lines Preview_1

Aroos, a widow, is trying to protect her gifted child who has the ability to tap into people’s dreams and memories; an idea that seems inspired by the Persona games. Blood Lines kicks off its story with the release of Book 1 – Ties that Bind.

Blood Lines Preview_2

The project was completed back in 2015 but it wasn’t until May 2017 that Mehran Khan was able to publish it. Khan looked for an investor for almost a year but ended up self-publishing Blood Lines this year, which not only gave him complete creative control over Blood Lines but also eliminated the headache of finding a publisher.

Blood Lines Preview_3

The hard copy is now available in Pakistan through the cash-on-delivery model for only PKR 350. You can ORDER IT FROM HERE. You can follow the updates from creator on Blood Lines Official Facebook Page.