What to Expect From Destiny 2 Crucible 4v4 PvP Games

The major change you will notice in the PvP is a number of players in the match. PvP matches are now toned down from 6v6 to 4v4. It doesn’t matter what the game mode is, the number of players will remain the same throughout. With the player count reduced it is going to be much easier for Bungie to balance abilities and weapons.

The core of the game has changed from a somewhat arcade to a more competitive shooter. This change may not sit well with some while others will be really happy about it. One of the new modes we have is called countdown which is similar to Search and Destroy from Call of Duty. One team is tasked with planting a device and detonating it while the other has to stop and disarm it.

The PvP is built with PvP players in mind, according to Bungie. Players who actually got the chance to play the game has stated that it somewhat feels like a Halo game now. Whether it is a good thing or bad depends on how you see it and what your background is. Those who came from Halo to Destiny wouldn’t really mind the change while those who are from Call of Duty or maybe games like Mass Effect may mind these changes as this could be their first FPS experience, and we know from past experiences, Destiny community is pretty vocal about any changes made to PvP.

Bungie is the creator of competitive sci-fi shooter scene on consoles and the developer is going back to its roots. This decision may not sit well for some but Halo fans and hardcore shooter fans will actually feel right at home.

Destiny 2 is 4v4 across all game modes which means at least at release there won’t be any game mode that exceeds that limit. An element that will play a major role is that new weapons system.

The revamped gun system will have an impact on everything which means PvP will also be affected, and not in a good way. You have primaries and energy weapons essentially secondaries being interchangeable. You can equip primary kinetic hand canons and secondary energy hand canons.

This greatly impacts the game as snipers, shotguns, grenade launchers etc are going to be classified as Power weapons. They will all be sharing the same ammo type which means you have to make a hard decision of picking between those weapons because they will take up the same slot. This new weapon system can dent secondary weapon spammers and shotguns whores. There was a balancing issue with the weapons and this could fix that.

Destiny 2 Crucible, at least to me, sounds much more interesting and competitive compared to the original. But leave your thought about the whole thing in the comments below.